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furryadoptions's Journal

The Furry Adoption Agency
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We are here to match loving caretakers with the little ones who need them.
The Furry Adoption Agency was started by Kai and Devora to find parents for all the lost, lonely babyfurs. FAA's mission is to match babyfurs with caretakers who will appreciate them, care for them, and make them feel safe. Both little ones looking for homes and caretakers for a cub to love and cherish and invited to apply. We are not an adult group, so if your looking for just someone to yiff, keep moving. To be approved for membership, Copy and paste the form that applies to you and fill it out.

Caretaker Questions
What species of Babyfur are your looking for?
What Gender of Babyfur are you looking for?
What age (baby, toddler, small child) are you most interested in taking care of?
What timezone are you in?
What activities do you enjoy when playing with cubs (Going to the park, bedtime stories, etc):
Are you looking for an online cub or a real life cub?
Special requests or comments:

Little Fur Form
Fur name:



Are you potty trained, in training, or diapered? ___

What are you looking for?

Would you accept punishment from a parent?

Are you looking for a online parent, real life parent, or both?

What timezone do you live in?

Any other comments?

Thank you and we ask your patience. Building relationships takes time, you won't find your perfect match overnight.