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Hi [Aug. 1st, 2010|08:07 pm]
The Furry Adoption Agency
Fur name: Newbie

Age: IRL 25 almost 26, as a pup 1 to 2 depending on the day.

Species: Husky

Are you potty trained, in training, or diapered?: The first, would admittedly like the later. spent most of the last year in trainers and diapers, but back in adult underwaer for the time being.  Still fully trained

What are you looking for?: Mommy or daddy.

Would you accept punishment from a parent?: If warranted and cub appropriate

Are you looking for a online parent, real life parent, or both?: Both, starting online, then progressing possibly.

What timezone do you live in?: Central

Any other comments?:
Just a Texas fur just tired of having to hide my tail.  Looking to be accepted and loved for what I am.  I"m a loving caring puppy looking to share that love, and get it in return.  I'm not your standard babyfur.  I actually have agood relationship with my real folks, some might say too close. I just..I have a side of myself I can't express 99% of the time. 
I had an online daddy who introduced me to wearing diapers..and.figuring out..what I am.  I still have him, and he loves me I know, but...he doesn't have the time nor energy..to really be that anymore, and hasn't for well over a year.  Being alone is a frightening thing. 
I probably shouldn't post tired, but maybe I'll say more of what I"m really thinking and feeling.
I don't know if anything will actually come of posting here, but I promised myself I'd make attempts.  Find someone to snuggle with and be with. 
I'm not a sexual fur, nor am I looking for anything of that nature in such a parent cub relationship. 

[User Picture]From: marshiepup
2010-08-02 01:22 am (UTC)
Hi Newbie! Glad to have you in the group. Good luck finding someone ^^
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From: avle53
2010-08-02 02:06 am (UTC)
Thank you Marshiepup.
I know my odds aren't good, but I also know if i don't try, my odds are zero.
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[User Picture]From: marshiepup
2010-08-02 02:18 am (UTC)
Not that you odds aren't "GOOD", just don't have a lot of carefurs about anymore ;) I'm sure you'll find someone.
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[User Picture]From: wolfblack0909
2010-08-02 02:30 am (UTC)
Hey there pup i do not mind watching over cub most of the time a big bro wuff * and i wear diapers to * i am not really a yiffy wolf so no needs to worry about that. If ya want to chat feel free to message me

aim - blackwolfpup12
yim- blackwolfdiaperpup12

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[User Picture]From: jrspaniel
2010-08-02 07:20 am (UTC)
Hi pup! Feel free to message me and say hi, or cuddle some if you're lookin' for a big bro doggy. :3

AIM: TellWhitePaladin
Yahoo: JRSpaniel
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From: avle53
2010-08-02 11:29 pm (UTC)
want to say thank you to both wolfblack0909 and jrspaniel for responding so quickly. Big brothers are truly awesome critters.
I don't wish to be greedy, and I don't really know how this place works. Is it..ok to leave this up..just.in case..there's..a mom or dad type around still?

*tucks his tail* I don't want to come off as ungrateful to the nice pups who barked at me..I really really really am.

I just..don't..know how else to..sniff..for..an adult fur..who..might..want to play with me.

i had a dream..last month I think..that I actually found such a person. woke up..anguished to be alone. Had a knock on my door..and knew..I"d just had a dream..but still..flew across my apartment to look..wasn't him of course. So..I'm here..to at least be able to say..I tried.
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