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[Sep. 30th, 2009|04:43 am]
The Furry Adoption Agency


[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Fur name: Para, although I misspell it as "Pawa" ^^;

Age: 2 Years Old.

Species: I'm either Fennec Fox or Raccoon. I just tend to change between the two depending on moods, normally I'm Fennec Fox and prefer it that way, though, so generally unless you ask for me to be a different species, I'm a Fennec Fox ^^.

Are you potty trained, in training, or diapered?
: I still wear kit pants (read:diapies) and I'm proud of it!

What are you looking for?: A mommy or daddy, but if anyone wants a brother or sister, I'm more than happy to be one, as long as I'm still taken care of... Please ^^.

Would you accept punishment from a parent?: If I was naughty, yes, generally I'm not naughty though, unless blushing too much counts as being naughty... x3

Are you looking for a online parent, real life parent, or both?: Online for now... I'm not too sure about real-life, after all, there's always complications with that, but I guess if I knew you for a while and trusted you, maybe we could sort things out.
Not saying I'm not up for it, just saying it's unlikely that it'd happen, I'd love to if it could though.

What timezone do you live in?: +9:30GMT, Australian Central Time.

Any other comments?
: There's not much to say, really... I promise I'll be good, though! ... Okie, and cute/adorable. x3